Frequently Asked Questions:

"How long will a fence typically last?"
Our custom crafted wood privacy fences can last up to 20 or more years depending on environmental conditions. Chain link and vinyl fencing products typically last a lifetime.

"What type of maintenance is required for a fence?"
Chain link and vinyl fencing products are virtually maintenance free. Wood fencing requires only minor maintenance, depending upon your taste in appearance (finished or natural).

"Are you insured?"
We carry the right type and amount of insurance to work on your fencing needs.

"How do you determine costs?"
The base-line cost is determined by computing the total linear feet required multiplied by the installed cost of the fencing material. We provide free, detailed estimates of any job.

"Do you charge to clear the line?"
Yes, there are clearing costs. Exactly how much depends upon the amount and type of clearing required.

"Can you work from a plan or design that I provide?"
Yes. Our skilled craftsmen can build to suit from any type of blueprint or plan that you have.

"Is your work guaranteed?"
Any work that we do for you comes with a 12 month guarantee.